On today’s episode we will be covering how to setup our video game catalog app a.k.a our first Flutter app. In order to create our Flutter app we will need to have Flutter installed on our machine and our environment setup.

If you don’t know how to do that, please take a look at these docs.

Once we have had Flutter setup on our machine, we will need to create a new app:

flutter create video_game_catalog

flutter create

You can name your app whatever you want in this case I decided to called it video_game_catalog

Did it work? Run the following commands to see our app in action:

cd video_game_catalog
flutter run

flutter run will run the sample app on the emulator. If you don’t have any devices connected or the simulator running you’d probably going to encounter something like this:

flutter run

No worries… Lets run flutter emulators to see what devices are available in our machine.

flutter emulators

The apple_ios_simulator seems to be available. To launch the simulator use flutter emulators --launch <emulator id>, in our case, flutter emulators --launch apple_ios_simulator.

flutter emulator launch

Now, lets re-run flutter run and see what happens

flutter run iphone XR

flutter sample app

Voila! Flutter gives you, out the box, a sample app with some basic functionality.

If you instead want to clone a blank flutter app from our example repo go ahead and try:

git clone --branch v0.0.1 https://github.com/fluttersensei/video_game_catalog.git
cd video_game_catalog
flutter packages get
flutter run

Wrapping it up

Today, we have learned how to setup up a basic Flutter app and how to run it on the simulator. On the next episode, we will be covering how to clean the sample app and how to add a GridView. Stay tuned! If you liked the tutorial, please, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on any of our social media… this way you won’t miss any lessons… See you on the next episode!